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A Marketing Handbook for Writers: Part Three – The Jigsaw Puzzle of Marketing

Continuing our series on marketing from Clarendon House Publications we look at the confusing puzzle that is marketing in today’s publishing world.



Don’t Let Writing Rules Stifle Your Creativity

Learning the rules can help you know when, where, and how to break them in the most creative way possible.



Sparking Emotions in Your Readers

Evoking an emotional response to your writing in your readers is always the aim of an author. Here are some tips on how to do that from my friend Kathleen Freeman.



Tips for How to Choose the Right Sentences – Helping Writers Become Authors

There is not anything more foundational to writing than choosing just the right words for your sentences. Here are some excellent tips on how to choose wisely.

Source: Tips for How to Choose the Right Sentences – Helping Writers Become Authors

Emotion vs. Feeling: How to Evoke More From Readers

All the stress and conflict you put into your stories to make them exciting and heartwarming only work if you actually evoke those emotions in your reader. Here are some key pieces of advice on how to make all that work.