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Sparking Emotions in Your Readers

Evoking an emotional response to your writing in your readers is always the aim of an author. Here are some tips on how to do that from my friend Kathleen Freeman.



One Way to Simultaneously Create Conflict and Suspense

Conflict and suspense are the key elements that no story can exist without. KM Weiland shares one way to create both at the same time.



What’s The Difference Between A Commercial And A Literary Plot? – Writers Write

While I don’t think that it’s fair to call all non-literary plots commercial, I do think that people want different things in what they read today. Writers need to pay attention to the differences to attract the audience they want.

Source: What’s The Difference Between A Commercial And A Literary Plot? – Writers Write

6 Ways To Experiment In Short Stories

Writing short stories is a great way to build and flex your writing muscles. The short format also allows for experimentation in ways that longer forms do not.



First Drafts: 5 Things That are OK and 1 That’s Not

First drafts are notoriously messy things. That’s really okay but let’s look a little closer at some things about it that are okay, and one thing that is not.



4 Ways to Write Backstory That Matters

Backstory is one of those things that you really have to be careful with. You are in love with your characters and want your readers to love them just as much, But, how much is too much—or—too little?



New in Town – Story Structure Analysis

Did you ever wonder about your stories structure? A good way to learn about story structure is to analyze other stories for their structure. The great news is that someone is doing that for you. Her name is K.M. Weiland and she has a whole database of story structure on her website for you to browse through. Here is a link to one.  Once there, you can see all the others. Enjoy!

New in Town – Story Structure Analysis.