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Representation in Fiction: How to Write Characters Whose Experiences Are Outside of Your Own

Writing only what you know can be a very limiting dictate, especially when it comes to writing fiction. So much of what seeks to pour out of our brains is outside our experience. Award-winning writer Diana Pho suggests some tools to assist us in writing outside our experience(s) and doing it well.


What a Coincidence: 7 Clever Strategies for Harnessing Coincidences in Fiction

Author Steven James shares seven strategies for utilizing seeming coincidences in your fiction to create brilliant stories.


The Power of Theme: Turning Books Into Movies

Many of us struggle with theme in our writing, but none of us can deny that theme is a powerful element. Some would even say it is the most powerful part. No matter how you feel about it, it can be used to propel your writing into a powerful platform. Here is Barri Evans via Writer’s Digest to discuss how.