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How to Strengthen Your Book’s Thematic Motif Through Repetition

Choosing to use repetition to drive home your theme requires you to choose the how and the when with more craftiness than bluntness. Be wise in these choices and get it just right.


Representation in Fiction: How to Write Characters Whose Experiences Are Outside of Your Own

Writing only what you know can be a very limiting dictate, especially when it comes to writing fiction. So much of what seeks to pour out of our brains is outside our experience. Award-winning writer Diana Pho suggests some tools to assist us in writing outside our experience(s) and doing it well.


Begin from the Middle: How to Start Your Story In Medias Res

By starting a story in the midst of action, writers can hook readers with a literary technique as old as the Greek epics—in medias res. Paul Buchanan explains how.