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Business For Authors. How To Be An Author Entrepreneur. An Interview With Joanna Penn

Being an independent author today requires as much business skill as it does writing skill. Here is an interview with Joanna Penn that will help you level up.



What Seven Hollywood Gatekeepers Love and Hate in Screenplays

Learning the ins and outs of screenwriting can help improve all of your writing. Here are some things to improve on and some to avoid.


Don’t Let Writing Rules Stifle Your Creativity

Learning the rules can help you know when, where, and how to break them in the most creative way possible.


Sparking Emotions in Your Readers

Evoking an emotional response to your writing in your readers is always the aim of an author. Here are some tips on how to do that from my friend Kathleen Freeman.


Emotion vs. Feeling: How to Evoke More From Readers

All the stress and conflict you put into your stories to make them exciting and heartwarming only work if you actually evoke those emotions in your reader. Here are some key pieces of advice on how to make all that work.



November Winds Are Calling – Should I Publish My #NaNoWriMo Novels? ~ Christa Wojciechowski

Nano is done for another year but now comes the question, what do I do with my novel? Here are some thoughts on the publication of your newly minted masterwork.

Source: November Winds Are Calling – Should I Publish My #NaNoWriMo Novels? ~ Christa Wojciechowski

6 Ways To Experiment In Short Stories

Writing short stories is a great way to build and flex your writing muscles. The short format also allows for experimentation in ways that longer forms do not.