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Book Marketing Tips: How To Be An Effective Podcast Guest

A large part of being an author today is participating in marketing campaigns and that may mean being a guest on someone’s podcast. Here are some tips on how to do that successfully.


Before you spend money on publishing services, read this …

Since so many authors have begun self-publishing, an entirely new industry of publishing services companies has sprouted up to meet their needs in terms of formatting, cover creation, marketing and more. Here are some tips via Roz Morris.


How To Be Creative In Writing And In Business with Orna Ross

Juggling your writing and your business (since writing is also a business) while being creative can be difficult. Here are some tips on being successful in both endeavors courtesy of Joanna Penn and Orna Ross.


Reaching readers if you write in multiple genres – could crowdfunding be the answer? An interview

Some interesting discussions here on both writing in multiple genres but also in funding your writing by offering added value to those helping in your work.