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Story Structure: Beginnings, Middles, and Ends

The three must-haves of every story structure. Clear points in the progression of your storyline help your readers to process your story better and make it a more satisfying experience.


Is Backstory Sinking Your Book?

It’s so tempting to dump all that backstory out so that your readers will love your characters as much as you do. But, don’t do that unless it serves the story. Here are some tips on how to do it right.


The Screenwriter’s Toolbox: Two Techniques Novelists Can Borrow from Film When Writing Opening Scenes

How to open your story with a scene so powerful your readers will not be able to stop reading. Here are some tips from Kas Trester.

Television camera

Revise It! Story Pacing Essentials – Move and Process

It has been said that only in the revision process is the true nature of your book revealed. It is also the place where you can refine the pacing of your book. Here are some tips on that process.