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The Write Path, with guest Betty Owens

Writing by the seat of your pants may keep you on the edge of your seat, but sometimes writers write themselves into corners. Other times it can be just the right method at just the right time. Here are some tips for staying on the write path.


The Write Path, with guest Betty Owens

What a Coincidence: 7 Clever Strategies for Harnessing Coincidences in Fiction

Author Steven James shares seven strategies for utilizing seeming coincidences in your fiction to create brilliant stories.


With a Little Help From Our (Writing) Friends: How to Cultivate a Writing Community

Kerrie Flanagan via Writer’s Digest encourages writers to cultivate a community of writers to encourage and strengthen you on your writing journey.

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Don’t Let Anybody Tell You How to Write (or 8 Tips for Learning Responsibly)

Feeling constricted and confused by the plethora of seemingly contradictory reams of writing advice? Rejoice in the fact that you are in a very large company of fellow strugglers.