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The Little Books – Wordquill

Asking an author for her word count is like asking a woman her weight.

Just look at this list of story categories! Micro fiction–under one hundred words Flash Fiction–100 to 1,000 words Short short–1,000 to 2,000 words Short story– 2,000 to 7,500 words Novelette–7,500 to 15,000 words Novella–17,500 to 40,000 words Novel– over 40,000 words […]

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Which Kind(s) of Editing Does Your Novel Need?

A lot of writers would really be well served to understand the differences detailed out here.

A Writer's Path


Notice the title of this post is not Does your novel need editing? The answer to that question is YES. Always. I don’t care if you wrote The Great Gatsby of the modern day; your novel needs to be edited.

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Ten things I’ve learned from my copyeditor

A new author’s lessons learned from getting a professional edit. Your lessons may be different, but professional editing and proofreading will almost always improve a book.

Ana Spoke, author

Despite being the single highest cost of self-publishing so far, the copyedit will be the one expense I will never regret.

That would have been the list if this article was entitled “A single most important thing I’ve learned”. But it’s not, so there are ten more below. Which I guess makes it eleven…never mind! Anyway, after getting eight quotes and four samples from Australian and American editors, I chose Lu Sexton of A Story to Tell to copyedit Shizzle, Inc and I’m blown away with the results. To be honest, I had a lot of reservations about paying for editing. After all I’ve already had a structural edit; I’ve revised the draft no less than a hundred times myself; I speaka English real good. Handing over cash for a promise of making your draft better is scary, even if that promise comes with a professional reputation and an exceptional…

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Broken, Not Bitter. An Author’s Life with Repetitive Strain Injuries | The Creative Penn

This is a very important topic for writer and editors. I have suffered with some of these issues and had to have surgery on both wrists for carpal tunnel issues. I have also used the  Evoluent sideways mouse and it helped quite a bit.

Broken, Not Bitter. An Author’s Life with Repetitive Strain Injuries | The Creative Penn.