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Creating Tension Between the Lines

Conflict in your story creates tension. Tension is the lifeblood of fiction. Without it, there simply is no story. James Scott Bell provides us today with the how-to of creating tension without directly stating it. It’s all in the subtext. The things that are NOT said.

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Wax On, Wax Off: 5 Areas To Polish Before Submitting A Manuscript

Trying to put that final bit of spit and polish on your manuscript before hitting publish or submitting it for publication can seem like a never-ending process.  Here are some tips on how to focus that energy in the best directions.


Steer Your Own Course: Author Boston Teran on Blending Genres Across 11 Novels

No one can really tell you what to write. If you want to try your hand at doing something new, go for it. Want to blend genres, go for it. It can be done and done well. Go for it.