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I am a retired man who is a husband, father and grandfather. I love Jesus and try to follow Him. I fail at that regularly. He keeps picking me up, dusting me off and encouraging me to follow Him. I am going to keep doing that until I die. In the meantime, I edit for others and try to write. :)

Three Places Where You Should Tell Instead of Show

Seeming to run counter to the traditional advice, there are moments when telling is the absolute best thing to do.



Knowing when to fold ’em …

Business has been at a virtual standstill for some time for me. I am going to take this time to thank all of you that had trusted me with their work, but it is time for me to set down the virtual red pencil and return to writing.

I will still publish articles on this site occasionally, and I may accept some new work, but this is the end of Odd Sock Proofreading & Copyediting.

Once again, thanks to you all …