Most Common Writing Mistakes: Poor Cause and Effect

Cause and effect are some of the touchstones of good fiction, however not using them correctly or effectively can do more harm than good.



Why Finding a Writing Mentor & Other Help Is Important

One person sharpening another is a biblical concept that is also a universal truth. When we partner with another writer in a learning/teaching relationship both people get better.


When Writing Fiction Can Help Us Understand Reality

Our writing often gives us chances to sort out what we are experiencing in our daily lives. Channeling our feelings through our words helps us to concretely express them in ways that help us to make sense of them.


How to Mess Up Your Lead Character’s Ordinary Day

Making life difficult for our main characters is the lifeblood of the conflict and suspense that drives our stories. Here are some tips on how to that in some really excellent ways from James Scott Bell.