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Steve Mathisen
Steve & Carol Mathisen

Hi, my name is Steve Mathisen. My wife, Carol and I live in Hoquiam, WA, just a short drive from the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

I am a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader.

I have a degree in geography from the University of Washington but have spent most of the last twenty-five years testing software.  In that role, I was often the last set of eyes on a program before it was released to the users it was developed for. I took that job very seriously, and I take this job seriously too.

I can happily count KM Weiland, Lia London, Liberty Speidel, A.S.A DurphyJulia Robb, Katy Huth Jones, Barbara A. Martin, Debbie White, Dyanne Gordon Green, and Corey Popp among my satisfied clients.

I am a member of The Christian PEN, Northwest Christian Writers Association, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

I look for the odd socks. Those things that were missed, are out of place, or just don’t belong.

My mission is to help you produce the highest quality book possible.

To accomplish this, we must find and eliminate pesky errors, improve the flow of your storyline, and ultimately increase the reader’s enjoyment of your work. I shall be the essential set of eyes critically examining your book after all the other reviews, corrections, and revisions. As your proofreader, I offer discriminating viewpoints, critical thinking, and perceptual attention to the details your reader needs to enjoy your work most.

Contact me via email: scmathisen98037@hotmail.com

Odd sockLet me be the guy that finds your odd socks, instead of your reader …

And get raving reviews of your work!

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