Writing Tips

How to Write Clear Concise Copy With a Flair For Style

Guest Posted By Jan Verhoeff

What’s your style? Perhaps you’re frivolous and like lots of color and accessories? If you’re writing and that’s the way you choose to write, you may have trouble getting your point across. But, that doesn’t have to mean you change your style. Just tweak your writing a bit and you’ll be fine.

Stick to the Point –

Here’s a great clue… Stick to the point of your article and your frivolous style will automatically be tamed to perfect clarity.

Spell Check –

Important. Don’t misspell important words, or unimportant words. They’re all important. Check and double check any synonyms to make sure you spelled the correct word.

Identify Key Topics and Sub-Topics –

Headers and sub-headers make your writing more readable and give the reader a place to rest their eyes while checking your topic. This is particularly important for long pieces.

Originality Counts –

Presenting your topic in a unique and different way tops the greatest NEW concept, because it gives more readers the option of understanding the same old data that has actually brought us to this place in time. Try new words to describe the same old concepts.

Understand Value –

How many times have you said, “I wish I knew…” Whatever it is, the topic probably wasn’t that far out in the wild blue yonder, but rather may have been something as simple and every day as how to tie shoes. Every piece of information has value, some more than others. Everything you have to say will ultimately be valuable to someone.

Someone I your audience is waiting for YOU to write what they need to know, and they will not understand it until they read what YOU say. Trust me, whatever it is you’ve been meant to write – there’s a reason.

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