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5 Brilliant Can’t Miss Details Tell You How To Write an Ebook

Guest Posted By Jan Verhoeff
Building content for an eBook is quite an experience. Any writer who has pulled information for writing one will agree, the topic often changes through the process. The title starts out as something workable “Building a Business Online” and becomes quite weird “The Attributes of Budding Gestation on the Sea of Cyber-land”, all long before it becomes a feasible heading of “Learn How to Make Money Spewing Absurdities into the World of Blog-dom”.

Blogs and websites are built on content. eBooks written for internet distribution are often based on content that can be bound together in one unitized thought, given a specific heading called a title. To be honest, nothing in the eBook is new, different, or sublimely profound; it is simply packaged for simpler digestion and projection into a reliable returns.

So, what is content?

First Brilliant Detail: Content

Gathered from the experience of a person ego-tripping on Guru Status, the content of the average eBook is simply reconfigured facts, specifically arranged for dynamic impact on the reader, with intent to humor the readers emotional response system. If the first reader reaction is tears, most Guru’s go back to the drawing board and try again. However, in all honesty, a Guru with enough clout to write an eBook most probably has enough information to keep his reader in stitches trying to keep up with the power struggle going on in his own mind, as he strives to achieve greatness himself, while emulating a total stranger.

Second Brilliant Detail: Emotion

Since content is aimed at gaining a positive emotional response from the reader, the proponent of gaining that response would be words. Any average word Guru understands the importance of using words that inflict emotion on their reader. The intent is to bring the reader a near death experience of exquisite joy, dance along the suspenseful edge of pain, or engage them in an arousing game of romantic cat and mouse. Out objective through all of this of course is to ‘get the attention of the reader’.

Third Brilliant Detail: Projection

Once all those emotions are created, we have to bring the reader to the brink of experiencing them, and we call this projection. We project the emotions we want the reader to feel into their subliminal understanding and focus their concentration on our ultimate desire. Of course, our ultimate desire is that the reader should want to purchase whatever incredible opportunity we project onto their emotional response and make us money. Their titillating response to our emotional ploy becomes a necessity, and we must acquire their focus.

Forth Brilliant Detail: Titillation

How do you titillate a prospective buyer into purchasing a product they don’t need. You convince them. They say sex sells, so sell it baby. Give the prospect what they want a titillating omnipresent experience of unbelievable joy and they will buy. Draw them in with a tantalizing title that attracts their passions and turn them on with content that evokes an essential desire.

Fifth Brilliant Detail: Desire

When you reach that plateau where their dreams are fulfilled, all their goals are going to be met, and you’ve replaced their need for oxygen with the required resource of your eBook, they can no longer function without your product and their desire is immeasurable your job is done. The book is sold, and you’ve no other reason to focus on that book, you start all over with a new project, create a need, and focus deliberately on attracting the right kind of clients who need your product more than they need air to breath.

Bound your eBook in a cover that emits emotional appeal and drives prospective clients to the brink of suspenseful desire, awaiting the arrival of this download, and you’re off. The finish line is in sight! Go for the gold.

Go for the gold – build on your resources – Market Guru Jan Verhoeff can help you.

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